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Past Presidents
Year     President     Current Status
2022 - 2023Tony DochertyPHF, Active Member
2021 - 2022John Teece
Tony Docherty
PHF, Active Member
2020 - 2021Ray Sinclair
Tony Docherty
Active Member
PHF, Active Member
2019 - 2020Tony DochertyPHF, Active Member
2018 - 2019Amal RampalPHF, Active Member
2017 - 2018Amal RampalPHF, Active Member
2016 - 2017Deborah RobertsPHF
2015 - 2016Deborah RobertsPHF
2014 - 2015Tony DochertyPHF, Active Member
2013 - 2014Tony DochertyPHF, Active Member
2012 - 2013Bob Foxall
2011 - 2012Ken PheyseyPHF, Active Member
2010 - 2011Ken PheyseyPHF, Active Member
2009 - 2010Ken PheyseyPHF, Active Member
2008 - 2009E. Turton
2007 - 2008E. Turton
2006 - 2007J. Allen
2005 - 2006E. PheyseyPHF, Active Member
2004 - 2005E. PheyseyPHF, Active Member
2003 - 2004P. King
2002 - 2003G.V. NealHonorary Member
2001 - 2002D.R. Gardner
2000 - 2001D.R. Gardner
1999 - 2000J.A. BakerPHF
1998 - 1999J.A. BakerPHF
1997 - 1998K.J. PheyseyPHF, Active Member
1996 - 1997M.H. Broomfield
1995 - 1996B.E. EleyPHF, Active Member
1994 - 1995W. Lith
1993 - 1994J. Allen
1992 - 1993P.A. Hill
1991 - 1992R.G. Moule
1990 - 1991M.R.M. LunnPHF
1989 - 1990B.E. Kimberley(District Governor 11-12)
1988 - 1989M.H. Young
1987 - 1988K.A. Pinfield
1986 - 1987H.A. Radford
1985 - 1986M.T. Hayes
1984 - 1985B. Osborne
1983 - 1984W.G. Cradock
1982 - 1983H.W.D. RostrupPHF, Honorary Member (District Governor 91-92)
1981 - 1982L.W. Broomfield
1980 - 1981S.E. Patton
1979 - 1980A.J. Weston
1978 - 1979E. Walden
1977 - 1978G.R. Earp
1976 - 1977D.H. Koehli
1975 - 1976A.H. Craddock
1974 - 1975Rev A. WhitePHF
1973 - 1974P.A. Lamont
1972 - 1973R. Margetts
1971 - 1972H.A. Workman
1970 - 1971C. Cupitt
1969 - 1970G.S.G. Gates
1968 - 1969C.H. Moreton
1967 - 1968P. Ward
1966 - 1967H.B. Bryant
1965 - 1966W.E. Roberts
1964 - 1965M. Ross O.B.E.
1963 - 1964J.A. Moss
1962 - 1963J. Webber
1961 - 1962A. Spears PHF, (District Governor)
1960 - 1961F.J. Clements
1959 - 1960A. Spears PHF, (District Governor)
1958 - 1959F.W. Cooper Founding Member
1957 - 1958C.S. Bailey
1956 - 1957T.H.D. Powell
1956 - 1957R. White
1955 - 1956R. Fletcher O.B.E.Founding Member
1955 - 1956W.A. Solven
1954 - 1955A. Grosvenor
1953 - 1954C.C. Ralphs
1952 - 1953N.G. Owen
1951 - 1952F.A. Jessop Founding Member
1950 - 1951C.S. Spencer
1949 - 1950E. Marshall Founding Member
1948 - 1949F.H. Cornes Founding Member
1947 - 1948H.K. Howse
1946 - 1947F.N. ClementsFounding Member
1945 - 1946A.E. Brighton
1944 - 1945J.C. NichollsFounding Member
1943 - 1944Dr G.C. AuldFounding Member
1942 - 1943Dr A. Shepherd
1941 - 1942F.H. BullockFounding Member
1940 - 1941T.C. de la HeyFounding Member
1939 - 1940T.C. de la HeyFounding Member
1938 - 1939Rev D.J. WaltersFounding Member
1937 - 1938Rev D.J. WaltersFounding Member


Founding Members

Founding Members
RotarianProfessionGeneral Information
Dr C.G. AuldMedical Practitioner In practice at Rae & Auld, New Road, Bromsgrove. Became President in 1943/4 and resigned when he left the district a few years later.
W.K. BarnesSales Manager: Sporting Goods at Bromsgrove car Services limited Resident at Ford House, New Road, Bromsgrove. This house no longer exists because of development but the name is perpetuated in the Fordhouse Estate.
J.P. BrazierBuilding Construction Director of J. & A. Brazier limited and resident at Thatcholme, Conway Road (now the Music centre of Bromsgrove School). Remained an active member of the Club until his death. His son, Roger Brazier, was a founder member of the Bromsgrove Round Table. He became an active member of the Rotary Club for many years and then in later years an Honorary member.
F.H. BullockWater Service The Engineer and Manager of the East Worcestershire Waterworks Co. Became President 1941/42 and was a very active member until his death. Was an eloquent speaker and often called upon for lunchtime talks.
F.N. ClementsAdvertising Service Managing Director of Clements Bros. (Displays) Limited. Became President 1946/47, also acted as Secretary. An active member who took a prominent part in Rotary work as well as holding office on the BUDC of which he became Chairman. He was also for many years Chairman of JPs.
W.H. ClementsAdvertising Service (additional Active) Brother to F.N. Clements, but who had to resign before taking any office owing to his business commitments preventing him from complying with the Attendance Rules.
F.W. CooperPrinting Manager of the Bromsgrove Messenger Co. and subsequently Managing Director when the company was taken over by Berrows. Was a very active and lively member - suffered some setbacks around 1950 when he lost his wife while his sons were still at Bromsgrove High School but later was able to participate fully and became President 1958/59. Responsible for 'stirring things up' - hence the presentation to him of the 'Stirring Spoon'. Remained an active member until his death.
M. DavisFire Insurance Superintendent of the Bromsgrove Area for Royal Insurance Co. Not a member beyond the war years.
W.E. DudleyRegistration of Births, Marriages and Deaths Registrar and also Clerk to Bromsgrove Rural District Council.
S.W. DeanGarage and Service Station Managing Director of Car Services limited, Worcester Street, Bromsgrove.
C.R. FieldTailoring (Men's) Partner in Field & Son - the Property in the High Street which was converted into McDonalds. His brother was Winston Field who held Office as Prime Minister of Rhodesia. Both C.R. and E. Field remained active members until their deaths though not holding office. Egbert's wife was Kathleen Field, a respected Councillor on the BUDC for many years - also holding Office as chairman.
G.C. GaddArchitecture A local architect who left his distinctive style on many houses and shop fronts in the Bromsgrove area. His offices were in the Town Hall Chambers adjoining the old Garage Inn which was demolished and replaced by the pearl Assurance House at the corner of St John Street and Worcester Street.
T.C. De la HeyChristianity (Protestant) Vicar of St John Baptist Church, Bromsgrove. President of the Club 1939/40 and 1940/41 - remained an active member until his death.
H.K. HowseBus Service The Divisional Traffic Superintendent with the Midland red in Bromsgrove. Was President 1947/48 and a very active member of the local Road Safety Committee. Resigned from the Club because of pressure of work.
H.O. HortonAccounting Service A well-known local Chartered Accountant who ceased to practice during the war years. Did not retain his membership of Rotary for long because of deteriorating health.
F.A. JessopMunicipal Government (Clerk) Clerk to the BUDC and a very active Rotarian, being Secretary for a period and also President 1951/52. Organised and a very competent MC at many Flag Whist Drives to raise funds. Remained a member until he died.
R. LuceAuctioneering Service Partner in the firm of Luce & Silvers (now Banks & Silvers)
E. MarshallMen's Clothing. Retailing Proprietor of Marshalls Clothing and Shoes in the High Street (adjoining the Midland Bank). Was a very enthusiastic Rotarian, being President 1949/50 and remained a good and active member until his death. One of the early Presidents to offer the Committees and Club Councils hospitality in his own home when for many years this was not a usual practice.
J. McDermottMotion Picture Theatres Managing Director of the Plaza Cinema (now the bingo hall in Church Street) and the Regal in Worcester Street (now Calvary Church). A very devoted Rotarian until he went to live in South Africa in the early 50s but until his death in 1977 he was a frequent visitor to the Club when he came back to England on visits to his brother and also to his great friend Rotarian Bill Taylor.
J.C. NichollsButtons (Manufacturing) Proprietor of the old established Button Factory in Willow Road (B. Sanders & Sons). President 1944/45. A Rotarian in the Club until he died in 1973 in his 98th year. Always involved and an enthusiast and one of our 100 per cent attenders up to within a few months of his death.
W.A.H. ScottGeneral Law Practice Partner in the firm W.H. Scott & Son, Solicitors of Church Street. Clerk to the Magistrates and a diligent Rotarian for many years though not holding Office.
W.B. ScottJewellery (Retailing) A local jeweller 'Scotts' whose son now carries on the family business in the High Street. Did not hold office in the Club.
W.J.TaylorAgricultural Implements (Retailing) Partner in the firm of J.T. Taylor & Son - Ironmongers etc in the High Street. (The shop was absorbed into Woolworths). Although the longest serving member and a regular attender of the Rotary Club, he did not hold Office but was a very valued member of the Community Service Committee for many years and did much with the activities organised for the elderly. He died in 1983.
D.J. WaltersEducation (Secondary) Headmaster of Bromsgrove School. Founder President of the Club and made an Honorary Member when he retired from the School and moved to Worcester in 1953. Still attended luncheons on occasions when he was in Bromsgrove and was helpful in providing information regarding formation of the Club. He died in 1979.
G.H. WhelwellArchitectural Metalwork (Manufacturing) Director and Secretary of Bromsgrove Guild. The first Secretary of the Club but resigned in the war years when the work of the Guild was disbanded. An ardent supporter of the Bromsgrove RFC and for many years their President.
E.E. WilliamsMunicipal Finance Treasurer of the BUDC and for a number of years until he retired was Treasurer of the Club. Terminated his membership when he retired in 1953 as he was resident in Stourbridge and unable to attend meetings.
J.H.M. WilsonBanking The Manager of Barclays Bank in Bromsgrove and a popular member of the Club for many years. Held Office as Treasurer for several years until he retired from the Bank.