icon  Roger Brazier Trophy

When long time club member and laterly honorary member Roger Brazier passed away in 2012 his family presented a tankard to the club to be presented to the club member who has put in the most work for the club during that year.

This tankard is presented to the most deserving club member at the AGM each year. Prior to 2021 the winner was chosen by the President, however, since 2021 the winner has been chosen by a committee comprising the President, Secretary, Treasurer and the current holder of the award.

The following is a list of the award winners:

Year     Winner    
2021-2022Ellen Evans
2020-2021Ron Pearce
2019-2020M. Docherty
2018-2019Tony Docherty
2017-2018John Teece
2016-2017Karen Bowe
2015-2016Ron Pearce
2014-2015John Teece
2013-2014Bob Foxall
2012-2013Robert Nutting