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Paul Harris Fellows

The following people have been made a Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) by the Rotary Club of Bromsgrove as a recognition of outstanding work for the club and/or in the community.

Year PHF
2021Amal Rampal
2019Ron Pearce
2014Helen King (Sapphire)
2012M. Docherty
2012Elizabeth Pheysey
2011Tony Docherty
2011Audrey Allen
2005Sheila Collins
2005Paul Copeland
2005Bill Kings
2005David Slade
2001Alan Baker
2001Louis Broomfield
1999Ken Pheysey
1998Bryan Eley
1997Joe Mackender
1996Mark Philpott
1994Michael Young
1993Alfred Wood
1988Hester Rea
1988Hans Rostrup
1988Eric Walden
1988Kathleen Field
1988Norman Rea
1987Leslie Harris
1987Claude Cupitt
1987John Nicholls
1985John Moss
1985Alfred Spears